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8 Reasons Why You Should Invest in a Coach

Looking up, I really should rephrase the title of this blog. Because as much as what I’m about to share with you is, literally, 8 reasons why you should invest in a coach, if we look for the deeper meaning behind taking that decision, you’re not investing in the coach at all.

You are investing in YOU.

And let me tell you, reframing the process and the journey like that feels SO GOOD.

Why? Because rather than focusing your energy on what you are paying out for, suddenly your mindset and your attention zeros in on how the process can impact you.

It’s about how this investment, or the next investment can turn up the dial on what YOU do, and who YOU are.

It’s about maximizing every opportunity to learn and to grow, and to ensure that you get the ROI you deserve from the process.

Now, before we unpack the reasons, there’s one thing I need to say. Choosing the right coach is a deeply personal decision. Forget the investment and the impact that will have on you and your business for a second.

You need to work with someone you connect with. Someone who has walked the path you’re on. Someone who is here to pay their learnings, and lessons forward. Who can guide you, and mentor you to find your Unstoppable Success®, without removing what makes you successful right now.

So make sure you do your research. Read the testimonials. Watch the testimonials. See what the person is about. What their mission is. It is so, so, so important.

And if you feel the vibe, then catch it.

Once you’ve made your decision and you are ALL IN, I want you to keep these reasons to invest in the back of your mind at all times.

If you do that, you’ll have an instant 8 point accountability checklist that you can go back to as you navigate your journey. You can ask yourself, am I getting these things from this process? How can I unlock more of them? How can I experience more of them?

It’s a great way to hold yourself accountable and to zone in on the areas that need more energy and effort as you step into your next level.

Let’s get into it..

Lets do this

It’s a great way to hold yourself accountable and to zone in on the areas that need more energy and effort as you step into your next level.

Let’s get into it..

#1 - Propel Your Growth

Number one is an obvious one. But proximity determines value. And the closer you are to the people you look up to, or the people you admire who are further along in their journey, the easier it is to truly embody your next level. Watch how they do things, look at their process and pay attention. How could you implement similar things in your business? What can you take from the way they work that will resonate with your audience? And remember, always put your spin on it.

#2 - Experience Invaluable Learnings

The best coaches have often been there, seen it, done it and lived it. They teach from the depths of their experiences, so those around them can find their way without making the same mistakes. That’s why it’s so important to choose the right coach for you, and to soak up all of their knowledge and expertise. Embrace their processes and take the action they share to get the ROI you deserve.

#3 - Get Better Results

One of the best reasons to work with a coach is to increase the results you get. It should be a given, and if you do the work, coaching and mentorship really, really, works. So make sure you define what success is going to look like before you start the process. Is it more orders? Is it to sell out your signature programme? Or your Mastermind? Is it a book? PR? A Podcast? The more laser focused you are with the outcome you desire, the more focused you’ll be on the action you take to make it a reality.

#4 - Learn Faster

Coaches are often like a cheat code. Yeah, you will be navigating the journey on your own as you grow, and learn and scale, but coaches who have walked that walk before will be able to show you the way, avoiding most of the bumps in the road. You can use the process to inform the next moves you make at every turn, and supercharge the knowledge and expertise you have, so you can pay so much more forward to your audience.

#5 - Expand Your Network

Your network is crucial to your success. Social media is great. PR is great. But word of mouth, the oldest form of marketing carries so much weight. Personal connections and personal recommendations are such a powerful way to define your credibility and authority as a leader in whatever you do. And the more people you work with, collaborate with and hold space with, the more opportunities you will unlock to grow.

#6 - Create Opportunities To Collaborate

This is a special one for me. It’s why I love the EPIC retreats we hold for our students around the world. And it is SOOO powerful. Being part of a coaches’ world opens up so many opportunities for you to share, and to showcase your expertise. That catches people’s attention. And when you combine that with building connections you have the opportunity to uncover ways that you can team up with other leaders to create insane collaborations that your audience will just LOVE to be part of.

#7 - Receive Personal Support

For so many people there are moments when this journey can feel lonely. Before you have a team around you, everything can feel like it’s on your shoulders. Every decision is yours to make. You have to wear all the hats. Spin all the plates. And it can be overwhelming. But the right coach can offer you the support you need. It might be advice, or guidance or to be a sounding board for the next idea, but that personal support can be the difference that enables you to see the wood from the trees and navigate the next step to that next level.

#8 - Access Real Accountability

I believe that we all have to hold ourselves to a higher standard. We have to embrace the ultimate level of accountability. Have we done the work? Have we turned up the dial today? What could we do better? What could we do more of? What can we learn? How can we grow? And a coach is perfect to make sure you are staying true to that. Embrace the process, trust the process and make accountability work for you.

Keep these in mind for the next time you invest in YOU.

With Gratitude,