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5 Lessons I’ve Learned From Building a Multi-Million Dollar Coaching Business

There is always a lesson. In the good, and the bad, the ups and the downs. And here are 5 of the biggest lessons I’ve learned from building my multi-million dollar coaching business.

These things are the foundations of my teaching and I’m here to pay them forward, so you have the opportunity to learn and grow, wherever you are in your business right now, reading this. I even revisit them now, because these lessons never disappear, they are always applicable to your next level of Unstoppable Success®.

Because the thing is, I want to walk the walk. I don’t just teach and guide, I live and I experience every day. There’s so much we can discover when we raise our awareness and find perspective through our own life experience. That means I’m always in the work, exploring my own growth edges and striving to go deeper psychologically, emotionally, physically and spiritually every single day.

I’m all about fine tuning and mastering my expertise to share it with you from the depths of my own experiences.

So I embrace the process. I trust the process. Whatever it throws at me. So I can teach from what I’ve learned. And it’s that mindset which enables me to learn, grow and thrive.

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So I embrace the process. I trust the process. Whatever it throws at me. So I can teach from what I’ve learned. And it’s that mindset which enables me to learn, grow and thrive.

So let’s get into it, 5 lessons I’ve learned from building a multi-million dollar coaching business…

#1 - Your Conditions Will Never Be Ideal

If you’re waiting for the perfect moment, it will never arrive. Simple as that. It can be such a barrier to growth, to scale, and to even getting started on your journey. But you can never let the conditions around you dictate your success, trust me.

Just like when I made my first 100k using my suitcase as a desk, or when I recognized the power of not allowing your mood to dictate your ability to take action. You have to move, now.

It doesn’t matter if you want to create multi-5 or 6 figure months, or break through the glass ceiling of 100K+ months and 500K+ launches, there will always be a challenge, or an objection, or something that you need to overcome in order to get there.

At every phase of growth there will be a new challenge, and a new opportunity.

The secret is finding your way to achieve your version of success. And building a blueprint around that, which enables you to create the strategies, structures, systems and personal shifts that you need to action in order to get there. And when you do, it feels SO GOOD.

The important thing is never waiting for everything to fall into place. Just start. Take the leap. Go for it. Commit to your goals, with intent. And before you even know it, it will be a distant memory, and all you’ll be thinking about is what that next goal looks like.

#2 - Whenever You Invest In You, Make It Count

You are your business’ greatest asset. You are the talent, the energy, the ideas. You are the magic. The thing that no-one else has. You know that. And you know that if you want to achieve the impact, results and success that you desire, you have to invest in YOU.

But you can’t just invest for the sake of it. There is no value in investing for prestige. Or ego. Or just to say you’ve done ‘x, y and z.’ You need to commit and take action from a deeper sense of purpose and meaning. Be open, be present. Show up. Listen. Ask the right questions (but nothing you can just Google).

More than anything, make sure you pay attention. You need to be constantly thinking about how you can move the needle in your business. How can you turn up the dial? How can you unlock the information you need to reach your next level? What does that look like?

Make this behaviour and this energy part of your daily ritual in business. Embrace it. Trust it. Live it as much as you can. You have to hold yourself accountable to the investments you make. Every single one is an opportunity, so take responsibility, be accountable, and commit to maximize it.

#3 - Double Down On What You’re Really Good At

This one goes without saying. But whatever your thing is, own it. Focus your energy on it and master it. That is what is going to bring your audience into your world, and make you the only person for them.

And if you want to reach million dollar success, everything else you have to do can be outsourced. You don’t have to do it all. To wear all the hats. You have to start seeing everything that’s not your zone of genius as a waste of your energy.

This is what scaling, and growing your coaching business is all about, and it’s the key to true Unstoppable Success®. It’s how you create the consistent recurring revenue in your business that allows you the freedom and the peace you’ve been craving.

Just like investing in YOU, this is about ensuring everything you do is focused on moving the needle in your business.

#4 - Hire People Who Are Better Than You

We all have a zone of genius, right? And you are the x factor. The spark that makes it all happen in your business. But as you are building your team, you need to hire people who are better than you. People who are experts. People who bring something you don’t have.

You need to surround yourself with people you can trust to deliver. People who share your beliefs and values. People who buy into your energy and the culture you’re creating. People who embody everything that you are about as an entrepreneur.

Because when you have the right team, you can find the time and space to throw all of your energy into skyrocketing everything your business does. You can stop spending all of your time in the day to day running and logistics of your business.

When you hire people who are better than you, you can become the visionary you deserve to be. Set the vision. Execute the vision. Grow. Scale. Evolve. Succeed. And then go again.

#5 - Believe In Yourself

The biggest lesson of all. One hundred percent belief in yourself. Every. Single. Day.

You have to believe in yourself. In all of you. Everything you bring. Your expertise. Your vision. Your success.

And you have to hold yourself accountable to a higher level. Make sure you are taking the action. Make sure you are always striving to move the needle.

Write down the things you’ve done to make it happen. And ask yourself, what went well? But more importantly, ask yourself what went wrong? Did you do enough? What more could you have done? How could you do it differently next time?

Learn the lessons. Implement the action. Create Unstoppable Success.®

And there you have it. 5 lessons I’ve learned from building a multi-million dollar coaching business. There are SO MANY more. And because every day is an opportunity to grow, I know there will be plenty more to come.

I’d love to hear some of your lessons too, drop me a comment below with one of the biggest things you’ve learned on your journey so far.

With Gratitude,