I’m just a girl from Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK with a big heart, a big vision, and a big big mission. My aim is to help a million women change their lives using Positive Psychology by the year 2020, and I'm well on my way to creating that, with your support. 

I’m proud to have already created a business with a global reach, helping tens of thousands of you around the world to access that strength inside you and step up to be, do, create, and have more.

Through my best selling book, Now Is Your Chance, my personal coaching programs, and online Now Is Your Chance community, I am helping you help yourself by equipping you with the tangible tools, and personal learnings that can really help you make a positive difference in your life. 

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I help you to see what’s possible, to activate that next level breakthrough, and to start living with more happiness, more personal power, and unstoppable success. 


You might be familiar with the phrase, “it takes ten years to create an overnight success, and that has been very much my experience. 

Growing up I was a kid with, shall we say, “an inquiring mind” – I was always asking “why”? 

Destined for success as a mechanical and automotive engineer, I had a major career swerve at this early stage, when I felt the intuitive pull towards helping other people.  

I focused my efforts in my study of psychology, achieving my Bachelors degree in Psychology with Sport Sciences, a teaching and lecturing certificate, and my Masters degree in Positive Psychology too. 

Passionate about health, happiness, and entrepreneurship, I began my entrepreneurial adventures as a personal trainer, green juice powder supplement supplier, and motivational speaker – leading my optimallyou Power Hour and Thrive Live events around the world in places such as New Zealand, London, and California. 

I also grew a community volunteer project from concept to 10,000+ members in a few short years. 

Experiencing the struggle as a passionate entrepreneur that wanted to do good in the world but wasn’t being supported financially whilst doing so, I learned the hard way about self doubt and burnout, and made many mistakes along the way. 

A few years ago I experienced one of the most challenging years of my life, with a year long treatment for a flesh eating amoeba in my eye, adrenal fatigue and exhaustion, my father in hospital for a triple heart bypass and heart valve replacement, loss of another one of our best friends, and the ensuing counselling and spiritual work that I did to help me heal trauma from years earlier when I had been raped. 

Working through such difficult times, which I now reflect on and see as me hitting my rock bottom, has allowed me to gather strength, put my positive psychology practices to work, and understand what it means to heal from the inside out, and pick yourself back up and get back out there. 

Learning from the hard times provides so much value and I know I have been gifted with a depth of different life experiences to allow me to serve and teach in the most powerful way possible. 

I have achieved success that is unheard of in my industry, through committing to making a big difference in our world, by being bold, and by working on myself every single day. 

Building a multiple six-figure location independent coaching business that allows me to travel the world, interviewing the likes of Sir Richard Branson and billionaire visionary entrepreneur Elon Musk, winning Young Entrepreneur of the Year, moving from the UK to live in Los Angeles, and winning my dream book deal with Hay House, has blown my mind, and has helped me to see what is possible when we decide to get to work. 

My belief is that through self awareness, creative collaboration, and collective consciousness, we can join together to co-create something for humanity that is bigger and better than the sum of its parts. 

This change starts with you, and it starts right Now. 

My Now Is Your Chance book, community, and messaging shines the light on our ability to learn and grow in every moment. The era of the entrepreneur is here, and as an empowered woman, your time is Now to make a difference for yourself and those around you.  

We have the opportunity to be part of the light force – to drive forwards with a new paradigm for living life, and a new normal for doing business. 

I’m committed to creating for you the best free content, whether this be through my podcast, a periscope, Facebook live, or a free resource, and to couple with this the opportunity to create massive results for yourself through working with me personally in one of my programmes. 

Having the freedom to be who you are and do what you love, is one of the great opportunities afforded to you through personal development and entrepreneurship. 

Let’s not waste this opportunity to work together. 

Whether you are starting or growing your business, or looking to expand yourself and your journey of personal growth, I am here to support you in doing so with so much more speed, ease, and joy. 

I always say that success without happiness is not in fact success at all – and if I can catalyse your ability to live with more joy, fun, accomplishment, and abundance, then I say it will be a job well done. 

My journey to this point has not been easy, and I don’t have all of the answers. But I am committed to sharing with you both my personal journey and professional expertise to help you learn and grow. 

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I’m thrilled to support you and look forward to our journey ahead!

With Gratitude,