Multi 7-Figure Business Coach, Best-Selling Author, and Founder of the Positive Psychology Coaching Academy Certification


Niyc Pidgeon

Known as “the girl who made Elon Musk cry”, Niyc Pidgeon is an industry leader with a high level network of clients and business friends. Niyc supports coaches to get certified, and grow 7-figure online businesses - and her clients have generated more than $27 million dollars in the last 5 years. 

Niyc is Founder of multi million dollar coaching brand Unstoppable SuccessⓇ and Creator of the Positive Psychology Coach Academy CertificationⓇ. She is an acclaimed international speaker, award winning Positive Psychologist MSc, triple certified high performance & success coach, and a best selling Hay House author.

She has more than a decade of experience in business, coaching, and psychology, and has mentored tens of thousands of 6, 7, & 8 figure coaches to create massive breakthroughs, lasting positive change, and Unstoppable Success in their lives & businesses. 

“If you haven’t read her book you have to read it - life transforming! And if you have the chance to work with her directly - get involved, because she is one of those leaders in our industry who is truly truly helping people transform the quality of their lives.” - Brendon Burchard, New York Times Best Selling Author, Top 25 Most Influential Leaders in Personal Growth and Achievement, Top 100 Most Followed Public Figure in the World.

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 The Strategies to Scale A Multi Million Dollar Brand
 Why Positive Psychology Should Be a Pillar of Every Life & Business 
 How to Prioritize & Optimize Health as an Entrepreneur
 The Psychology Of Getting Rich
 How To Get Better Client & Business Results Using Positive Psychology 

Example Questions:

(Niyc will answer anything, here’s some idea’s)

 How do you sell high ticket coaching WITHOUT needing to do sales calls?
 How can I grow a world class mastermind?
 How can you sell in the DM's without feeling sleazy?
 How can I close more sales using positive psychology?
 What are the top 3 things you must do to scale your sales & your business? 
 How did you heal heavy metals poisoning, adrenal fatigue, and toxic mold? 
 What are the steps you took to grow from 6 to 7 to multi-7 figures?
 What is it that commonly stops people? And what does it truly take to become unstoppable?
 You’ve been bullied, raped, & lost 3 close friends to suicide and yet you’re happier and more unstoppable than ever before!? How?



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