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7 Ways to Earn More Money as a Coach in 2023

I know making more money in your online coaching business is one of your main focuses for this year, and trust me, you’re not alone.

So welcome to my top 7 ways you can earn more money as a coach in 2023…

I want this blog to be all about what you can do RIGHT now.

A little less conversation, a little more action. Please.

These are things you can start implementing from the moment you stop reading. That way you can experience the impact in life and business sooner rather than later.

So today I’m going to get straight to the good stuff. Sound GOOD?

Let’s go…

Lets do this

These are things you can start implementing from the moment you stop reading. That way you can experience the impact in life and business sooner rather than later.

So today I’m going to get straight to the good stuff. Sound GOOD?

Let’s go…


Your clients already love you! They love working with you. They love being in your world. And they love the impact you deliver, and the results you’re able to support them to create. So when was the last time you invited them to take the next steps with you? Many of our students have been working with us for two, three, four, five, even six years now. You get to support your students even more by inviting them to upgrade to the next level of access and results so they can up level even faster.


In 2022, one of my students made $35,000 on Order Bumps alone! And on most softwares systems you’ll have the opportunity to add order bumps to your offers. I’ve sold order bumps from $17 to $5,000 and we’ve created 30%+ conversions when we do it. It’s the perfect way to boost your sales because at that moment of checkout your clients are ALL IN. They are a HEAVEN YES to investing and this is your moment to add more value, give your students the #1 solution they need right then, whilst also increasing your revenue.


I know you do this work because you want to make a difference. The power of the ripple effect is real. And you’re able to impact more people by sharing what’s possible for them, then we want to do that. Your client wins are the perfect living, breathing case study to showcase who you love to work together with, and the impact you can have through your coaching and mentorship process. And not just that, when you share client wins it helps future ideal clients to envision what their journey with you might look like. They will relate to your current clients and recognise some of the challenges or pain points they’re ready to overcome and see your support as their perfect next step. It’s such a WIN-WIN.


The more you engage on Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn (or whatever platform you love using), the more eyes you will attract to your page. From comments, to likes, to replies, it can be a super simple lift in terms of what you do, but it can drive a huge impact when it comes to bringing new people into your world to discover what you’re all about. I used to feel like social media was hard, then I reframed it to be about fun and relationships… Plus… you don’t need to spend hours a day doing it. Get intentional about creating connection and drop in daily with your people and watch how you grow.


Often it can be easier to sell high level investments than the lower level, more entry point mentorship or courses. Why? Because your students who value close proximity, more access, and faster results also understand the power of investing in themselves to get those results. They can see the benefits and the potential ROI they’re going to experience from being part of the process together with you. And that means they’re more ready to make moves. For you, like many of my students, it means that you might only need to convert 10 students to hit a $100K goal, versus trying to convert 500 people for a $200 offer.


Copy is such a love of mine - I love language and it’s the bridge between you and your ideal client. Consider how you can connect most powerfully with your community and help them feel like you are talking directly to them. That’s how we approach the copy in my funnels and something we always take the time to explore, test, and get better at. It’s one of the BEST things you can invest time into in your business - and the more you write, the better you get. This is about more than short term impact, this will build your brand, deepen your level of connection with your community, and will create a powerful feeling when people engage with your stuff.


It’s super important to invest in yourself and your growth. Whether it’s getting access to higher level support and mentorship, expanding your network, or uplevelling faster by reinvesting into your business, you can massively increase your impact and results when you bet on yourself. I am constantly investing in myself and my companies. I’ve invested over $700,000+ into coaching and mentorship and $100K+ per month into my team to help our impact grow and expand, even though at times I’ve felt scared - but every time I’ve done it, I’ve trusted myself, trusted the process, and it’s always paid off.

Your work on yourself is never done, and you can always be looking for new ways to turn up the dial on what you do.

With Gratitude,