You can't succeed at higher levels without new strategies, mindsets, and mentorship. 

You know this already. 

You find yourself gathering momentum only to hit a ceiling and find yourself confused, distracted, frustrated, and not enjoying the journey towards your vision.

In this new monthly training program, award winning Positive Psychologist, Success Coach and Hay House Author Niyc Pidgeon keeps you on-track, motivated, and with the right mindset and self belief to help you know that anything is possible (and actually take the action too).

Niyc’s monthly training videos will advise you on important areas of your life – positive habits, goal setting and manifestation, how to be more productive, balance your energy relationships, and workload… and how to develop your resilience and grit so you can live with more joy, personal power, and unstoppable success.

This is your opportunity to learn from Niyc as one of the fastest growing leaders in the personal development world.

"Niyc is one of the most inspiring and authentic thought leaders in the world today. Living by example, Niyc is noticed everywhere she goes. Having had interviews with Richard Branson and Elon Musk, and winning countless awards, she's someone to look up to and learn from at any opportunity you can. If you have the chance to work with her, do it and you'll never look back."
- Ryan Magdziarz, Founder of Winning International

Now Is YOUR Chance to live with more happiness and success.

You'll receive:

  • A new training video EVERY MONTH from Niyc

(covering the areas of mindset, personal development and entrepreneurship) 

  • Monthly workbooks and mp3 download

  • Brand new meditations

  • A LIVE MONTHLY Q&A with Niyc


BONUS positive affirmation wallpapers

This is the only ongoing, monthly LIVE training Niyc does. 

Join the VIP Society Now and you'll immediately access not one, but TWELVE months of awesome content on the topics of "Goal Setting & Manifestation", and "How To Energise Your Success", plus next months bundle on Productivity & Time Management...

Cancel anytime guarantee:

If you don't love the program, just cancel anytime by responding to any of our emails. You can cancel any month and you won't be billed again. However, a cancelation does not refund previous months charges because we delivered for you! Sounds fair, right? 

Let Niyc train you every month and make 2018 your best year yet.

You deserve this kind of mindset and success training.

It's your time. Now Is Your Chance.

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