I know you’re ready to make self doubt and burn out a thing of the past, and it’s time to activate your next level life and business breakthrough and make joy and personal power your new normal. 

Master Your Success is my signature 90 Day Mentorship Programme, designed for female coaches, network marketers, and service based entrepreneurs to helps you shift from stuck and struggling to high performing female entrepreneur in super quick time. You will work with me personally to get clear on your vision, strengthen your mindset, and implement a personalised plan for your happiness and success. If you’re tired of working so hard and not getting results and you are ready for a breakthrough, then this is for you!

Ready to create unstoppable success?

Now Is Your Chance!

If you’re also ready to live life with a greater sense of joy and satisfaction then girl, it’s time we got started!

Master Your Success is your opportunity to strengthen your mindset and supercharge your growth as a female entrepreneur.  

The goal of Master Your Success is to support you in finally creating that breakthrough that you’ve been waiting for. 

This is a 90-day personal mentoring experience with me, Niyc Pidgeon. 

I personally went from being (-$1100) in my bank account, to generating $35k in 35 days, and then $100k in 100 days from there. 

But before this success – which is unheard of in my industry – I was really struggling.

I knew I was meant for success, but I wanted somebody to show me the way. 

Maybe this sounds like you...

I wanted to create a big impact and influence through doing meaningful work that I loved, whilst earning an income that could support me and my dream lifestyle. 

But I couldn’t work out how to make it happen. 

I always say that there's one of two things going on when you’re struggling for success. You’re experiencing either

A mindset gap
A skills gap 

Luckily, I can help you to solve both.

“My business has doubled including my profitability, I have been able to create an amazing environment to work inat home and now have my dream clients. But more than anything I feel that I am in such a better place emotionally and mentally, my husband even comments how different I am and this means more to me than anything.”
— Lara Haynes, Founder of Virtual HappinessAssistant, Public Speaker & Chief Networker Entrepreneur

Why me? 

As a Positive Psychologist, Hay House Author, and Global Success Coach, I have a decade of experience in helping women just like you to create massive breakthroughs and lasting positive change. 
I commit to walking my talk, and in the last year alone I have: 

- Taken my coaching business location independent
- Travelled the world to places like Bali, Miami, Sydney, and London
- Created a multiple six figure income doing what I love and helping women around the world
- Won Young Entrepreneur of the Year
- Landed a book deal with Hay House (the biggest mind, body, spirit publisher in the WORLD) 
- Helped hundreds of female entrepreneurs to create unstoppable success
- Signed with a Talent Agent
- And built an indestructible mindset and bulletproof belief in myself and the amazing ladies I work with.


I have learned what works (and what really doesn’t work) when it comes to life as a high performing female entrepreneur and I’m here to help you Master Your Success, with more speed, ease, and grace, and with a lot more fun along the way. 

“Thanks babe. Couldn't have and wouldn't have done any of it without you! That will take me to a grand total of $10,700 in sales in 5 weeks. Holy. Hell. Pretty damn exciting!!”
– Emily Gallagher, Auckland, New Zealand
"What I love about Niyc? Genuine, intelligent, on a mission bigger than herself, proven blueprint to success, go getter, more importantly a go giver.” 
- Melanie McDowall, Brisbane, Australia
“I haven’t felt this supported in years! Your coaching is impeccable, relevant, fun, 
facilitative, given with love. I’m SO chuffed I made the spontaneous decision to contact
you and my partner agreed to invest.”
– Lindsey Jackson
“As a result of my boosted confidence and self belief, my business has soared
whilst working with Niyc by a staggering 60%! Niyc is an amazing role model
and completely inspiring to work with.”
– Nicola Walters

I used to really struggle with my time and energy, and when it came to money, I had a mega scarcity mindset! My business would yoyo up and down, and so would my emotional health too. I would push myself so hard, until eventually I burned out. 

2014 saw me in hospital with a rare eye condition that can make you go blind in a week, in treatment for adrenal fatigue and exhaustion, managing a co-dependent and toxic relationship, seeing my dad go through heart surgery, and working through a programme of counselling – all whilst running a positive psychology business and pretending everything was okay. 

When I finally owned up to myself that something had to change, that’s when things really started to shift. 

I hired a coach, left the UK for Australia, and committed to myself that things would be different. 

In the first month of launching my now location independent business, I created $35k, and within 100 days had hit six-figures. Now five-figure months are the norm, and I’m able to live my fullest and happiest life, doing work that I love and helping women just like you to do the same. 

I’m just a girl from Newcastle upon Tyne in the UK, with a big heart, a big vision, and a big big mission. 

And if I can create success like this – then so can you. 

Are you:

A female coach, network marketer or service based entrepreneur?
Tired of working so hard and not getting the results you desire and deserve?
Sick of comparing yourself to others that seem to have it all?
Longing to travel more and be able to take your business with you along the way?
Able to take instruction and be coachable?
Willing to invest time, energy and financial resources in yourself?
Willing to get out of your comfort zone?
Ready to create breakthroughs and get your dream life going?


This exclusive 90 Day Master Your Success Mentorship is for you if you are serious about growing your mindset, confidence, life and business to a whole new level. 

What’s included:  

Personalised 1:1 Coaching with Niyc
Receive two personalised 1:1 coaching sessions with me to identify what is currently holding you back in your life and business, and create a personalised morning mindset ritual and goals plan as your specific road map to success. 

Weekly Group Mentoring Calls
Get one live group call per week with me – your Positive Psychologist and Success Coach. (All calls will be recorded.)

12 Course Modules
Access to your private Master Your Success members area complete with workbooks, tools, templates and trainings, as well as module videos from me to support you in success

Private Facebook Group
Connect, network, and be supported by other amazing female entrepreneurs around the world and develop your genius team to support you on your journey of happiness and success. 

You no longer have to struggle - you just need the support, mindset, and the right strategy to make the shift and create that big breakthrough in your life and business. 

I say you need to work with a coach, and find your genius team to come with you on your journey. Master Your Success provides you with both. 

Master Your Success will help you to:

Let go of your scarcity mindset and instead expect success
Break free of negative thought patterns and beliefs
Get out of overwhelm, and get things done! 
Effectively plan and work through your goals
Get clear on your big vision and your road map to get there
Understand human behaviour and how you can grow (and help your clients and team to do the same) 
Identify what your passion and purpose is, and who you are called to serve
Implement specific strategy to attract more clients and growth
Develop your confidence in presenting and selling
How to use your strengths to make you stronger and more successful
Allow your relationships to flourish
Find happiness, and fulfilment as an integral part of your journey. 


“The results I have achieved in such a short time are incredible.”
– Jen Fogarty, Perth, Australia
“It’s been the best investment in me I could ever have hoped for. For my health, happiness and business. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend her to anyone.”
– Helen Arnold, Newcastle, UK
"Niyc has helped me DOUBLE my income from one month to the next. The mentorship with Niyc is the best investment I have ever made in myself. SO happy!"
- Jessica Reid, Australia

You will be supported by Niyc as your coach, and will be surrounded by other amazing female entrepreneurs all looking to uplevel their lives and businesses too. 

Are you ready for some serious change, and understand that YOU are the best investment you will ever make?

Schedule your Complimentary
Ignite Your Power Discovery Session Now (value $450)

YOU are meant for greatness - now is your chance to step up and claim it! 


One last thing…

I remember when I invested in my first coach, I was physically shaking when I handed over my credit card – so I know that you might be feeling fearful right now. 

I used to think that I could go it alone and build a business without any outside help. 

Boy was I wrong! 

I have now invested in some of the worlds best coaches and mentors and totaLled up that I have invested a total of $115,000 in my growth (and I’m just getting started).

This has allowed me to step up and rapidly grow so that I am able to help you more through the skills and lessons I am learning along the way. 

This programme is about letting go of your scarcity mindset, empowering yourself to be, do, create and have all that you desire. 

It’s about stepping up to really own your own success, and to make the decision to stop playing small. 

I’ll look forward to welcoming you in to Master Your Success. 

…And I’ll be here to hold your hand every step of the way. 

With Gratitude, 


Still have questions about Master Your Success?

Send us an email to info@niycpidgeon.com 


"I can't believe how much I have changed and how much I have learned - I'm blown away.”
- Kate McCrae, Newcastle, UK
“As a result of my boosted confidence and self belief, my business has soared whilst working with Niyc by a staggering 60%! Niyc is an amazing role model and completely inspiring to work with.”
– Nicola Walters, Leeds, UK

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